About Us


Crunching into Seneca Snacks is like taking a trip to the heart of America’s orchard country. Our apple chips are made in Washington state’s picturesque Yakima Valley, known as one of the best apple producing areas in the world.

Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Seneca Snacks: The Original Apple Chip™.


Good for you. Great for the Environment. At Seneca, we believe in farming and making great products in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

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We use only the best of the best. Apples that don’t meet our high standards are composted to make topsoil.


Excess cooking oil is captured and used to create environmentally friendly bio-diesel fuel.

What is the shelf life of Seneca Snacks?

Our snacks are best within ten months of manufacture. We recommend using chip clips to close bags after opening to maintain the “crunchiness” of our chips- that is if there are any left in the bag after opening.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes! All of our snacks are gluten free and ready to enjoy!

Are your snack chips made with oils that contain trans fats?

Absolutely not – we’ve never had them, never will! Seneca uses high mono-unsaturated oil to make all our products. These oils are naturally free of trans fatty acids and are not hydrogenated in any way. Independent third party labs have confirmed that our snacks are trans fat free.

Are your products Kosher certified?

Yes, all Seneca Snacks are Kosher.

Help! I can’t find Seneca Snacks in my store.

That’s awful! Let’s fix that. Stores love to stock the items their customers want to buy. If you can’t find Seneca Snacks in your favorite store, speak to the manager and request them by name!

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Seneca Snacks are also available on Amazon.com and other online retailers. For more information on finding or getting Seneca Snacks in your local stores, please CONNECT WITH US.

Hey, I found a piece of a stem or seed in my snack chips.

Our chips are carefully sorted, but since they are sliced from fresh apples, they may contain occasional fragments of seeds or stems.