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Seneca Snacks Co.
Yakima, Washington

Seneca Snacks is the ONLY vacuum fry operation in the United States

Why Vacuum Frying?

Cooks at a lower temperature
Lower temperatures results in reduced fat absorption
40% less fat vs. traditional fried chips
Gluten Free
Crisp like a chip
Vacuum frying is a Better-For-You, unique fry process that cooks chips in oil at a lower temperature.
Lower temperatures result in reduced fat absorption and a better-for-you chip vs. a traditionally fried product. With 40% less fat vs. traditional fried chips, you get a real crunchy snack chip with less fat.

Why Seneca Snacks?

SCALE Backed by the strength of Seneca Foods – one of the nation’s largest food processors, you will have access to economies of scale and our network of high level contacts

LOCATION Seneca Snacks can competitively source ingredients from the Yakima Valley, Pacific Northwest and West Coast

PROTOTYPING New product formulations are always an option, we can cost effectively test new products in our test batch scaled fryer.

DISTRIBUTION In-house national distribution capabilities as well!

We are always looking for new co-packing opportunities & partnerships.

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Seneca Snacks is BRC1 Certified with the highest rating of AA.

In 2021 we received a perfect score.

Seneca Snacks | Yakima, Washington

Plant Facts
122,000sq.ft. facility on 7 acres
72,000 sq. ft. of production
50,000 sq. ft. of warehouse
4 loading docks
BRC Certificated: AA (annually)

14 vacuum fryers 4 retail
packaging machines 1 bulk
packaging line
On-site Capabilities:
Vacuum frying
Raw product soaking & blending
Refrigerator and freezer for product receiving & storage
Dry seasoning application
Packaging: Pillow Pack 0.7oz – 20oz bags for retail with a variety of case pack options – 6, 12, 24…
Test fryer for product development purposes


Product Portfolio

Fruit Chips



Potato Chips

Sweet Potato

Yukon Gold



Vegetable Chips


Green Bean


Product Options

Organic or conventional

Variety of product cuts available

Flat Slice

Crinkle slice


Multitude of dry seasoning options. Including but not limited to:




Salt/Sea Salt

Bulk and industrial size packaging available:

20lbs. For dices

8lbs. For slices

Additional options as requested

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